Lookah Seahorse Series Tips/Coils


✼ The Seahorse coils match all Lookah Seahorse series device

These Lookah Seahorse tips/coils match Seahorse pro, Seahorse pro plus, Seahorse 2.0, Seahorse X and Seahorse Max.

✼ Kits contain various quantities

Coil Ⅰ-5Pcs; Coil Ⅱ- 5Pcs; Coil Ⅲ-3Pcs; Coil Ⅳ- 5Pcs; Coil V – 4Pcs; Coil M – 5Pcs


Details & Features of the Seahorse Tips/Coils

The Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus coils offer the most flavorful experience when dabbing wax and concentrate with your Lookah dab pen. However, they have distinct features:

  • The Coil Ⅰ is equipped with a Quartz Coil, making it ideal for light concentrates as it provides fast and effective heating. For harder concentrates, the Seahorse Coil-Ⅱ with a ceramic tip works better.
  • The Coil Ⅱ introduces a new design with double ceramic coils at the tip, specifically designed for harder concentrates. Compared to the Lookah Seahorse Quartz Coil-Ⅰ, the ceramic coil system places greater emphasis on heat. The ceramic tip allows for quick dabbing with its fast heat-up time and excellent heat retention.
  • The Coil Ⅲ features a ceramic tube-like honey straw, providing a larger contact surface and airway, resulting in voluminous clouds of vapor. Perfect for cloud chasers and individuals seeking powerful hits, the Seahorse Coil Ⅲ delivers more vapor compared to other quartz or ceramic Seahorse coils.

         ✼ Please note that the Coil Ⅲ is not compatible with the first-generation Seahorse or Seahorse Pro dab pens.

  • The Coil Ⅳ has a quartz tip, due to the design the tip is stronger and more durable, it also benefits from better airflow. These type IV coils offer the same pure quartz flavor when dabbing wax and concentrate but are more durable.This is an upgraded coil combining the best aspects of coil Ⅰ with improved airflow that creates fuller thicker vapor clouds. The improved durability will see them last longer as well.
  • The Coil V features a transparent tube that allows for the vapor to be showcased. The tip is made of porous quartz, which efficiently heats and vaporizes the wax concentrate.This upgraded coil combines the best aspects of Coil I and Coil III. It offers improved heat distribution, resulting in a more even burn and the creation of fuller, thicker vapor clouds.

The Seashorse coils/tips match all seahorse series device

Please note that the Coil Ⅲ is not compatible with the first-generation Seahorse or Seahorse Pro dab pens.(The two products are Discontinued)


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