RamSmo Hero Hammer Bubbler


The glycerine chamber ensures all your hits are instantly cooled and chilled.Enjoy the amazing experience never get from other bubblers or bongs.


Six separate tubes are used to pass clouds through the glycerin chamber, resulting in extremely cold tokes. By dividing the smoke clouds into six passages, the filtration system effectively removes tar, ash, and plant matter, giving you a smoother and irritation-free experience.These rods are straight tubes you’ll notice increased air flow and an even easier cleaning experience.

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One of the main features of the Hero Bubbler is that it quickly freezes the smoke around glycerin pipe. This freezing action creates a very cool and amazing sensation that you won’t find in any other bong or bubbler. Every puff you take will have the magic given by the frozen glycerin chamber.

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The Hero glass hammer bubbler is an amazing combination of powerful filters and freezing chambers. When you use this device, each inhalation is thoroughly filtered and cooled, creating an incredible smoking experience.

How to Use the Hero Bubbler

  1. Begin by freezing the glycerin chamber part for 1-2 hours prior to use. This will ensure that the chamber is properly chilled and ready for your smoking session.
  2. Fill the Hero Bubbler with water until the percolators are fully submerged. It is recommended to have the water level approximately one inch above the filter bottom level for optimal functioning. This will allow for effective filtration and cooling of the smoke.
  3. Connect the two parts using included clips. They should be securely fastened to ensure a tight seal and proper airflow.
  4. Add your dry herb or tobacco to the bowl of the Hero Bubbler. Make sure to pack it evenly and avoid overpacking to allow for proper airflow during combustion.
  5. Using a lighter or torch, ignite the dry herb in the bowl and begin drawing in gently through the mouthpiece. Take slow and steady puffs to allow the smoke to pass through the percolators and glycerin chamber, resulting in a cooler and smoother smoking experience.
  6. Enjoy each puff as the smoke is filtered and chilled by the Hero Bubbler. The combination of percolators and the frozen glycerin chamber will enhance the flavor and provide a satisfying smoking session.


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